Cinequest Day 3 & 4 Mashup!

So, I don’t really remember day three. Which bums for you, mom and dad and mom and dad.

Kate arrived and we hung out at Cafe Trieste again, and came to the VIP lounge where we got interviewed (the there of us) and were asked questions like: what is a maverick? what makes you a maverick? etc. those questions are hard to answer. especially the more they ask them.

Things really got going at night! It involved a really fun soiree wherein I got kind of drunk and announced the movie I said “I’m Sophia, and our movie is Gabi on the Roof in July and it’s a comedy about ex-girlfriends, sibling rivalry and whipped cream.” We hung out with the Bummer Summer dudes (SO MANY SHOUT OUTS TO BUMMER SUMMER). And we got to hang out with Cullen whose movie Friction is playing here. We went back to our hotel room with Cullen and his friend Dave and we talked about festivals and made a lot of jokes and Larry learned how to make sturgeon faces.

THEN THE NEXT DAY WAS OUR PREMIERE! It was so nervewracking, we just laid low for the whole day. I was so nervous. Aimee, our producer from LA came in and we finally got to meet her. She is a lot shorter than I imagined but just as great as I imagined! Our soiree was held at South 1st billiards and we kind of tried to take it over (unsuccessfully) with twister and whipped cream. Then my mom & sister rolled in with my friend Evan from San Francisco and we all met at the theater. I was so scared by that point that Lawrence has repeaetd entire conversations that I had that i have no recollection of. Ben Spero even came!

The house was packed. They were turning people away. We got written up about in some cool online things which was fun. The audience was skewed a little older, which made us really really nervous. This movie is pretty raunchy in parts, lots of nudity and cursing, and we didn’t think older people would enjoy it. The first half hour was dead quiet. Larry & I were just looking at each other totally freaked out, it was terrible. But then people warmed up to the film and were laughing and got really into it. That was great. Still, some people walked out, we probably lost about 10 audience members (in an audience of 190 that’s not so bad), and they were all old people). We did a Q&A, and a lot of people stayed for that. Jason, from Jason Watches Movies, really enjoyed the film. A lot of pepole came up to us after and said they really liked the film. It felt good! Sal, from SJ Mercury News, wrote something up right after the film was over and some of the tweets people wrote about GABI were “I think I just fell in love with Gabi on the Roof in July” stuff like that! So positive comments so far.

Then we went to the Maverick Meetup for a while, but we were all starving (oh I forgot to mention Brooke & her friend came in for the screening too), so we (Evan, Larry, Me, Kate, Brooke, Noah, mom and Marisa) all went to Original Joes and shared a big italian meal. Then it was bedtime for us. All the excitement of the day made us pooped.

Another screening tonight, so we’ve got some more work to do. Interview in 30 minutes for another blog! Eek! So much to do! Hopefully some positive reviews will allow us to get into other festivals. Who knows!


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2 Responses to “Cinequest Day 3 & 4 Mashup!”

  1. mutty Says:

    Go guys. Sounds great so far. Keep up the great work.

  2. mutty Says:

    It’s Sunday @ 2:30. How did last night go?

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